Rio Abajo Community Library

NM Family Pass

Admits up to 6 people

This wonderful pass will provide free admission to museums and historic sites across New Mexico.  Interested in reserving the Family Pass (up to 6 family member per pass)?  Just click on the blue button above ("Library Catalog") and search for "NM Museum"  or click this Blue Button:

You can reserve your Pass up to one week in advance and pick it up at your convenience!

Library Catalog

Want to know what books, DVDs, video tapes, music, magazines and/or newspapers we have available? 

We added more than 1,000 new items in September and have almost an equal number being added in October. 

Click on the button below and ask!  You can find what you're looking for by title, author's name, or subject.


  • If you find a book you want, but it shows that "0" are in, this can mean it's been ordered and not yet arrived or its loaned out.  HINT:  You can reserve it and you will be notified as soon as it gets in.

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