An amazing musician from Wales, England has chosen to help us raise building funds!  Click HERE for more info!

Some Supporting Companies

We have found some GREAT ways for everyone to help contribute where we all benefit.

Every dollar counts!  Help us get our very own library built!    Many thanks!

Rio Abajo Community Library Building Fund

Help us get our own library built!

Where? Off of NM Highway 304, north of Highway 60, in the area of:

  • La Promesa School
  • Across from the Senior Center
  • Near the Fire House and the proposed Medical Center
  • Just down the street from the Boys' Ranch

How much? Rather than try to raise everything at once (which will be between $700,000-$1,000,000

for everything). 

The land has been donated, a well-known architect (Mr. Trujillo) has donated some wonderful drawings,

and we are proceeding one step at a time.  

Step One:  Get the land ready for development, which will cost approximately $70,000, and we've received a great kick-off already!

Fundraising Efforts

We normally receive approximately $7,000 per year (from the State), but this year we will be receiving $0.  Most libraries have municipal budgets allowing for building, salaries, books and all the extras.  We finance everything by donation.  So every penny counts to helping us keep open!

We are a non-profit, so everything you give is tax deductible!

Annual subscription to the newsletter ($15 per year).  We will automatically collect the subscription cost to continue uninterrupted delivery unless you unsubscribe:                          

Donations.  Any and all donations are deeply appreciated.  Unless you specify the purpose, donations are used in the general fund to keep the lights on, the telephone working, the internet connected, and for general supplies and maintenance.

In donations we have received:

  • From the La Joya Community Development Association, $1,000
  • From the Socorro Electric Cooperative Foundation, $1000

We have $66,953 to raise so we can begin putting shovel to dirt!  

Do you purchase anything on-line? Amazon has a foundation that will donate a percentage of your purchase (from their profits) to a nonprofit of your choice!  Rio Abajo Community Library is on the list and we hope you chose us!

Rio Abajo Community Library