For a minimum donation of $20 or more (including shipping costs), pick one of the double CDs or one of his DVDs:

  • "Under Blue Skies"

  • "The Very Best of Charlie Landsborough"

For a minimum donation of $15 or more (which includes shipping costs), you can pick one of the following single CDs:

  • "Once in a While" -- sample song is available on YouTube! 

  • "Movin' On" --                           courtesy of YouTube                                              

  • "Smile" -- Here's a YouTube sample

  • "My Heart Would Know" -- YouTube to the rescue

Obviously, it's first-come-first-serve for all CDs and DVDs. 

  • "A Special Performance" is a filmed Charlie Landsborough classic concert featuring 25 songs
  • "My Life and Music" was initially viewed in April 2012 when Charlie Landsborough was intereviewed by the late Dough Harris, and features live, stage-version performances of seven of his songs with his band.

Hailing from Wales, England, Charlie Landsborough has won numerous awards in Europe for his music.  His commercially successful albums showcase his distinctive blend of country, folk and gospel. 

Why is the RAC Library so thrilled with him?  Well, besides the fact that we are now familiar with and love his work, but he has learned of our little library and he wants to help!!

Balladeer from Wales, England Supports Country Library

We also have "The Greatest Gift" CD which is a collection of Christmas classics -- Landsborough style -- for a minimum donation of $20. 

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