Rio Abajo Community Library


The Rio Abajo Community Library (RACL) was originally founded in 1999 to address the abysmal graduation rate (approximately 13%).  Today we are proud that our graduation rate (as of 2016) is now 97%, with 80% going on to college and over 90% of the college-bound complete their studies.

Of integral significance was the support from the Rio Abajo Community Development Association.  With encouragement from the entire village, they provided RACL with full use of their community building for a very nominal annual lease.  Obviously, this proved to be a pivotal point for the Library's present existence.

To this day we function primarily with volunteers and donations.  The State Legislature provides approximately $7,000 each year, which is used to cover all overhead costs.  We have NO paid staff and rely solely on the volunteers and donations for our continued existence -- which for almost 20 years has proven sufficient to be able to actively and dynamically represent our community.

Today's Activitists!
Today's Board of Directors have kept RACL moving along for quite some time, and they prove to be quite formidable when a challenge is presented!

                      President -- Ken Hansen (who recently passed away and will be replaced in 2019)

                                                  Secretary -- Mary Lampkin of Veguita 

                                                  Treasurer -- Dolores Varela-Phillips of Sabinal

Board Directors -- Bobby Contreras of Contreras 
                               Elvera de Baca, Veguita

                               April Esquibel, La Joya

                               John T. Logan, Albuquerque

                               Irene Saiz, La Joya

                               Jodi Woods, Veguita

Future Hopes

The RACL has been given approximately one-half acre of land for building a formal facility.  We are now actively seeking donations and funding in order to accomplish this goal.  The new facility will be more accessible (just north of Highway 60, off Route 304), and will be able to house:

1.  An expanded library with full-time librarian;
2.  An expanded computer network with formal computer training for students, residents and job-seekers;
3.  A private conference room for meetings the community would be able to utilize; and
4.  An office to coordinate and produce the monthly newsletter;
5.  A more active information and resource network exchange.

We welcome and appreciate all donations!