We invite all Rio Abajo community households and families to participate!

 Bake Sale & Concert
  Tribute to Fathers

Sunday, June 16
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Rio Abajo Community Library
(28 South Calle de Centro, La Joya)

Fund-raiser for the Library will feature:
**MC & Music by Special Orchestra’s Gair Linhart**
**Concert by Community Youth**
**Absolutely delicious treats & goodies**
**A Special “something” for all attending fathers**

Dads free – all others 50¢


To enter for a chance to be included in the cookbook and/or win prizes!

  • Submit an entry form (available HERE)
  • Submit your favorite recipe(s)
  • Include one story, a little history of the dish and/or a picture with every entry form


Rio Abajo Community


Being assembled NOW and there's room to include you and your family.  We will feature:

  • Our community's best culinary delicacies
  • Our community families and cooks
  • The artistry of our youth

Rio Abajo Community Library